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What do clients say about Balanced Obedience and Sabrina Clark?

“Sabrina & Danny are the BEST! I don’t have kids & my dog Kokomo is my baby. When we decided to sell our house w/a fenced yard & move into a condo, we knew it was going to be a big change for kokomo. I sent her to Sabrina & Danny for doggie boot camp. They taught her about condo living & city traffic; riding in elevators & all the noise from so many cars & people. We were moving from Kaneohe to Waikiki, Kuhio ave , right in the middle of the mess. Kokomo was not very well trained. Spoiled to say the least. Balanced obedience was the best move I made. Kokomo was well adjusted & took to city living. Two & one half years have passed & we decided to sell our condo & downsize, Kokomo went to stay with Sabrina while we went thru the process of open house, selling & getting a new condo & moving. Needless to say its been 4 months & I will be getting her back any day now. But I know she has been taken care of & loved. Thank you to Sabrina & Danny for taking care of my baby”

“She is WONDERFUL! In addition to being a truly decent and honorable individual, she is hard working, reliable and trustworthy”
“A true animal lover and trainer”

“I would include Ms. Clark among the top five of all persons I have involved in my Thoroughbred breeding and training business which began in 1989.”

I called Sabrina when my dog Jaco, a shar pei pitbull mix, became terrified of his crate. I was moving to the mainland, and wanted to make sure that he would feel comfortable in his crate before our 5 hour flight.

He was so terrified that if he even heard the crate door open, he would run and cower and refuse to eat for the rest of the day.

When Sabrina met Jaco, he immediately responded to her, and completely surprised me by obeying her hand signals and walking into the crate with assistance.

With her help, within in a week, Jaco, was comfortable in his new crate, fully housebroken, and an even better companion than before! Thank you so much Sabrina! You have such a wonderful connection with animals, and I’m so glad that Jaco and I were able to meet with you.

“With Sabrina’s behavior modification methods and obedience training I’ve been able to gain control over my pack of dogs. Through observation and conversation she is able to gauge how much (or little) control you have over your dog(s) and picks up on what sort of personality you have as a pack leader for your dog(s).

From her I learned hand signals, the correct tone of voice to use when executing the commands, the correct “words” to use when correcting a non-compliant dog. … Her methods have worked wonders with my pack…sadly she wasn’t the first trainer with whom I’ve worked. I’m sure if she was I would have saved myself a lot of time and me and my dogs and I would have had a much more structured, relaxed relationship for a longer time.

Sabrina is great! I am a believer of her methods!”

“I cannot tell you how much I owe Sabrina and Danny for what they have done for Ruby. I cannot recommend them highly enough and they truly work miracles and here is why.

My dog was a spoilt princess. She barked, she pulled on the lead, she ran after cars and bikes, would get anxious when I left her and basically had such human characteristic that she didn’t socialize well with animals any more. She was a 18lb A.D.D. fur ball on four legs.

Ruby or “Some Other Bad Names” as I used to call her is a 3 year old Norfolk Terrier. I guess I bought it this on myself but I loved her personality and all of her quirks. I didn’t really mind it or I thought I didn’t. She travelled around the world with me from Australia, Hawaii, Denver and Texas. We lived out of hotel rooms or temporary accommodations and I let her do almost whatever she wanted. I didn’t have the time to try and fix the problems and I felt bad about our situation so I just let things slide.

When I moved permanently to Hawaii in January I moved into a small condo and everything seemed fine. Until I got a call one day when on the mainland after leaving my dog with pet sitter. Apparently Ruby had been barking nonstop for the whole week and was howling each time the pet sitter left. My neighbors had enough. I travelled home to find two written warnings, numerous notes on my door, threats of eviction, verbal abuse from my neighbors and worst of all complaints to Animal Humane society. I had to find a solution.

After doing some research I worked out there was two options either retrain my dog or have its vocal cords taken out. I honestly didn’t know she barked each time I left her alone. I was so worried that Ruby would lose her personality I loved so much in retraining but the thought of getting surgery just terrified me.

To be honest I was very very skeptical. I had tried things before and watched Caesar Milan. I didn’t think anything would change her and this whole pack leader dog whisper thing was a scam. With a quick call to Balanced Obedience in walked Sabrina through my door. She was great from the beginning. You can see it in how she relates to animals. Ruby attended a three week boot camp with Sabrina and Danny where they went through the process of retraining her. At the same time I learnt that I needed to be retrained. That was a lesson I didn’t know was coming. When Sabrina dropped her off I was absolutely shocked. Ruby would now lay down and sit restful, walk on the leash properly and was very obedient. My neighbors were absolutely shocked and so were my friends and family. I don’t hesitate to take Ruby anywhere with me and truly wish I had of done this years ago. Ruby’s personality that I was so worried about is still there and I’m glad for it. She is a much happier dog and it’s a pleasure to be her owner now.

So there is still stuff that Sabrina and I will continue to work on. The adventure is not over but I know now that Ruby has a loving second family that I feel comfortable with when I have to go out of town once a month. Hopefully one day Ruby will even walk off the lead down Kuhio on a Saturday. I owe Danny a case of beer if that ever happens. Thank you so much Sabrina and Danny. You have changed Ruby’s and my life for the better. I cannot thank you enough. You truly are miracle workers. You proved me wrong. We are not skeptics anymore.


Kyle and Ruby”

“Sabrina, Louis is just the best. We are so enjoying him. Thank you for all you’ve done to help us make him an important part of our family.”

“Sabrina took care of our new puppy for “boot camp” training soon after we got him and we are so glad we decided to do this! Hero came back to us knowing so much more than what we could have hoped for in a puppy. He’s exceptionally trained in basic obedience and already quickly learning the rules of our household as Sabrina has taught us how to work with him on a daily basis. All the neighbors that we’ve run into on our walks are amazed at how quickly he responds to commands and how well he listens. I cannot say enough about how wonderfully nice Sabrina is and how committed she is to assisting us even after boot camp is now completed. We feel like we’ve made the best decision for providing our new puppy with the right training and foundation towards our new life together and that we’ve made a friend for life both for us and Hero.”

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Sabrina for coming to our house. During a 2 hour period I learned more than I ever did while I was attending a 7 week Puppy Training Class. It was affordable, well planned out and I didn’t have to waste time traveling back and forth to classes or worry about missing a session. She was VERY knowledgable, very hands on and within minutes my 7 month old Dobie was obeying commands! She got the whole family involved; my 8 year old was able to understand the do’s and dont’s of training our dog. I would recommend her services to anyone who has puppy training issues. Thank you again from the Brown Family.”

“The best decision made, was in calling Sabrina for help when my husband and I decided to bring over his Big Island Rotti girl, Keiko, to come live with us and our already pack of 3. They’re big dogs & not the most trusting… we didn’t know how we would integrate Keiko with them, or if it was even possible. We called Sabrina & she suggested doggie boot camp where they could meet for the first time on neutral territory and work on socialization & obedience.

We took her advice & WOW, we’re so happy with the results! We’re stoked to have them all home & getting along! We know Sabrina worked her butt off with our pack and we are so GRATEFUL! They listen to us and are much easier to handle. The training method has been very effective & after doing the obedience exercises Sabrina showed us, the pack is calm and controlled.

Totally awesome! We’ve truly enjoyed working with Sabrina! She’s sincere in what she does & truly cares about the animals. MAHALO NUI LOA Sabrina for going above & beyond, we can’t express our gratitude enough!!
Much Aloha! Roxie & Brad 🙂 “

“I was on the brink of opening up the front door and setting my disobedient, loud, un-house broken daschund free. I had always wanted a daschund and when I finally got one- he was terrible! My hubby suggested a lady name Sabrina to train my dog as
opposed to getting rid of the pup of my dreams. After 14 days of Sabrina’s training, my dog was an obedient, house broken, tolerable dog. I am so pleased! My pup is finally a part of the family now. – Romy and Phil”

“Brianne and I are very pleased, more so amazed at the progress Bailey(chihuahua) and Dawson(chi-terrier) have made after 3 sessions. Training and working through the obedience has shown us different behaviors exhibited by our little girls. Originally, we had suspected Bailey to be more resistant to obedience, but have now discovered that she benefits from the training by becoming calm, balanced, and overall a happier dog able to experience walks, the parks, and other dogs. What we have learned from Dawson is that she is selectively stubborn and will need more reinforcement than we had initially assumed…don’t let the cute puppy fool you. Cute behavior leads to a misbehaving adult. We will continue to work on obedience regularly with the skills you have taught both the dogs and us. I am extremely satisfied with what you have accomplished with us and will surely recommend you to other dog owners. Thanks…Kat and Bri”

“My wife and I had just picked up our Sadie (Shar Pei) puppy at 7 weeks of age. That Saturday, Sabrina visited our home and turned a dominant, hard headed type puppy in to a very obedient puppy. With a little homework left to do each day, our now 10 week old puppy is even listening off the leash. I can only imagine how well she will listen when she gets older. Sabrina’s knowledge of animal behavior shines through in the living proof that is a puppy who most would not expect to listen at such a young age. Expect nothing less from Sabrina’s passion and devotion to her job.”

“On the numerous occasions I have encountered Sabrina Clark, I have always found her to be extremely well-informed, courteous, sincere, and willing to go the extra mile to be of assistance. Her deep affection for all living creatures makes her truly special in all respects”

“Marley, my two year old, 56-pound English bulldog, tends to pull, dragging me along with him. I tried several collars, but nothing worked. It seemed like he was taking me for a walk instead. So, I called Sabrina to finally get some help, and she made me realize that it wasn’t just about the right type of collar but also my way of interacting with Marley. In order for me to get a well-behaved dog, I needed to become a better leader. She showed me how to properly use the collar, and helped me think in terms of what a wolf-pack leader would do, and apply those same concepts when training Marley. I always knew bulldogs were stubborn; so I was surprised at how quickly Marley responded to the training. I can honestly say that I got immediate results. I am now a better leader, and Marley can see that. He no longer pulls, and I’m able to take him anywhere. I recently took him to the Pet Expo, and despite all the other dogs to distract him, he did not pull at all. It’s amazing how well he behaved. I’m so happy I contacted Sabrina, and I’m looking forward to working with her again for off the leash training. ”

“Thank you for everything Sabrina and Danny. We love being able to have you take care of Bear while we are on vacation. We never have to worry one bit about him while we are gone. In fact we think like its a vacation for him too. You are the best.”

“She has a true gift with animals and their care”

“Sabrina Clark was able to provide private lessons (for two keeshonds) to change several behaviors that were causing serious problems. The private lessons were quite reasonable, provided guidance for me and got the best results of all the methods I tried. I also got excellent training on how to handle my cockatoos and provide them with better care, feeding, training and safe trips outdoors”

“Her methods of training are professional as well as loving. She treats the pet as if it was her own and she must teach with love as well as with her experience and her extensive knowledge of animal behavior”

Notable people who have used Balanced Obedience include: Brian and Tracey Allen; Ian and Carlene Damon; Bill and Susan Indich; Su and Dan Meizenzahl; Fred Patacchia; band member of Nickelback; and NFL player

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