Online Dog and Puppy Training Courses

Welcome to Balanced Obedience, home to three outstanding online dog and puppy training courses designed by expert dog trainer, Sabrina Clark. Our premier programs include Puppy Makeover, Doggie Boot Camp, and The Service Dog Program – all crafted to foster stronger connections between you and your canine companions.

Are you a new puppy parent? Our Puppy Makeover course is your ultimate guide to shaping your pup’s behavior. From potty training to mastering basic commands, Sabrina’s step-by-step guidance ensures your furry friend develops into a well-mannered, socialized adult. This course offers a comprehensive understanding of puppy behavior while establishing a solid foundation for future training.

Next, our Doggie Boot Camp course offers a complete training regimen for your adult dogs. Whether it’s chewing issues or leash-pulling problems, Sabrina’s effective techniques can address these challenges. By taking a holistic approach, Doggie Boot Camp ensures your four-legged friend learns to follow commands, behaves well in various environments, and becomes a more balanced, obedient pet.

Lastly, we have The Service Dog Program for those seeking to train their dogs for crucial roles. Sabrina offers a thorough training program that meets ADA service dog standards, making it easier for your dog to provide emotional support or physical assistance. From public access skills to task-specific training, this course is designed to equip your dog with the necessary skills to serve you faithfully and effectively.

With Sabrina Clark’s years of professional experience, Balanced Obedience’s online dog and puppy training courses provide the most practical and effective solutions for various canine behavior issues. Begin your journey today to a more fulfilling and harmonious relationship with your furry friend. Trust us to guide you through the process of nurturing an obedient, balanced, and happy dog.

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