Hawaii’s Premier No-Shock Collar Dog Boarding & Training Program

Balanced Obedience was founded on Oahu, Hawaii by Sabrina Clark in 2008.  Sabrina began training dogs in 4-H when she was 9 and she started her first dog training business when she was 17.  When Sabrina moved to Oahu in 1994, she founded a dog training business part-time as she attended college and received her B.S. in Zoology.  Sabrina has spent a lifetime helping dogs and their owners communicate and cohabitate in a more peaceful manner and strives to create harmony for every dog and their owner. Great are the rewards we reap from loving relationships with the animals in our lives.

Unfortunately, many people have a pet that does not trust or respect them and the relationship is strained and unbalanced. As an attorney, Sabrina understands the liability and potential legal repercussions of owning a poorly behaved dog.

We all know how distressing bad behaviors can be. Imagine the dog that is: not housebroken; prone to separation anxiety; is animal-aggressive; pulls on the leash; barks excessively; or only follows commands when it feels like it.

Animal training has changed much in the last few decades.

Dog training has moved from a strict punishment-based training where the dog is corrected by a yank on the collar for not following a command to a bribe-based training where the dog gets a treat or toy for following a command. Each method can train a dog, but neither is suitable for all dogs and all behaviors.

Balanced Obedience is where the focus of the training is the language of the command itself followed by verbal praise and touching.

We all want a dog that will do what we say, when we say it, off leash, and without a bribe in our hand. Most people do not understand how to become the pack leader in their dog’s eyes.

The pack leader is calm, self-confident, aloof, fair, and respected.

A dog can love you, but not respect you and this is the cause of virtually all bad behaviors. Love and respect are separate emotions in the dog’s mind and to garner the respect of a dog, we need to teach it to be obedient to our commands.

Basic obedience is the best way to have a balanced relationship with your dog. The obedience commands of sit, stay, come, lay down, and heel are the basic things any dog needs to know in order to be able to travel outside of the home in a safe and controlled manner.

Every animal owner should have a loving, harmonious relationship with their pets without having to resort to food bribes or a shock collar.

Balanced Obedience will focus on socialization and obedience of dogs and can help your dog become a well-mannered and happy member of the family.

We can also help Service Dog owners navigate their options if Public Access is denied.