“he came back better in every way.”

“I have a wonderful German Shepherd dog who was about 11/2 years old when I decided to have a total knee replacement. It had been my passion to do obedience training with him from the time he was 14 weeks old. I took him through successive classes until my knee became too painful to continue.

Knowing I would not be able to continue his training or take care of his exercise requirements for at least a month, I was concerned that he would regress after all the time I spent working with him.

So I had a consultation with Sabrina and explained my situation. She understood the whole thing and we agreed he would train with her until I was ready to bring him home. We stayed in touch, and after 6 weeks, I was ready to take him back.

When I got him back, it was a seamless transition. I knew at once, he hadn’t lost a thing. Plus, he had some digestive and physical problems which she took care of through a change in diet and supplements. The results were so good, I have continued them!

I called her a few weeks after his return to schedule a lesson to help with a training issue. She and Danny met me at my suggested spot. In just a few minutes they taught me how to handle the situation. It is a lesson I can use often.

I just want to say a BIG MAHALO to Sabrina and Danny for their expertise in taking such good care of my dog. As good as I thought my dog was, he came back better in every way. And now , with my new knee, we are both better in every way!! Thanks again, Sabrina and Danny!”

Testimonial from Male German Shepherd Owner

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