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    Welcome to Balanced Obedience!

Balanced Obedience dog training provides dog owners with a variety of dog & puppy training services across the island of Oahu, Hawaii. At Balanced Obedience, we train dogs and puppies to be socialized and obedient so that they may be a well-mannered, happy member of your family. Every animal owner should have a loving, harmonious relationship with their pets without having to resort to food bribes or a shock collar. We also provide service dog training and certification.

oahu dog training services and classes

Dog Training Services

Carried out by the best dog trainers in Hawaii, the Doggie Boot Camp would be the very best way to get your dog professionally trained. The dog training camp is two to three weeks of customized training, socialization, and manners for your dog.

Online Course Available!


Oahu, Hawaii service dog training classes

Puppy Training

Puppies go through their critical development period for learning and socializing between 8 and 16 weeks of age. It is ideal that a puppy stays with its mother prior to 8 weeks and some experts even recommend 14 to 16 weeks.

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oahu dog training services and classes

Service Dog Training

Balanced Obedience offers two Hawaii Service Dog training options on Oahu. All training includes training for the Public Access Test, dog’s vest, ID Cards, and Service Dog Certificate upon completion. Balanced Obedience does not offer skills training for dogs needed for sight, hearing, seizure alert, mobility, or diabetes.

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Balanced Obedience puppy and dog training of Hawaii can work with young puppies to get them started off right with obedience training, housebreaking, and good manners without the use of food bribes or a shock collar.

Does your dog act aggressively?

dog training Honolulu, Hawaii

Do they constantly bark all night and day?

Hawaii dog obedience training services

Are they refusing your commands?

dog obedience training Oahu

These are all tell-tale signs that your dog or pup needs proper obedience training.

If you want to correct these behaviors within your dog please click on the link below to get started.

See What Our Happy Owner’s Say About Our Dog Training Services

I have an old stubborn Frenchie that I was losing hope on, but loved too much to stop trying. After plenty of research I came across Balanced Obedience. I reached out to Sabrina for training. She trained my Frenchie to be obedient to a leader and showed me how to take back control of our relationship. Our Frenchie now respects me as the leader and it has made a world of difference in our household. After the training program, we boarded our Frenchie with Sabrina on short notice. She was able to accommodate him and she returned him with a bath. Throughout our dogs’ experiences with Sabrina, she has fed him quality food, kept us updated on his training and boarding, and educated us about how we can help our dog have a better lifestyle. Our family is very thankful for Sabrina Clark!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Karen Kang


My husband and I have a 10 month old GSD who had been displaying signs of aggression at home and in public from a very early age (4mo). I was covered in bruises, cuts, bite marks all over my body. He was a bully in the household and was terrorizing our marriage. He would bite, lunge at people and other dogs, and needed to be very sedated for all vet appointments. I will be very honest I was done with him and was very much ready to rehome him. That’s when my husband found Sabrina. We made a deal; if this training didn’t work we would rehome him. I was very skeptical and really believed our Shepherd was truly beyond help. I almost hoped it didn’t work just to be done with this dog. Jaeger, our GSD stayed with Sabrina for 3 weeks, she was very honest and open from the get go, telling us yes he can be trained however due to his history we also need to have realistic expectations that he is a male shepherd and will need strong, confident handlers for the remainder of his life and if we can’t be that for him, rehoming can be an option. I really appreciated her honesty and knowledge from the beginning. Sabrina knows what she’s talking about and knew the breed well. Fast forward 3 weeks, we arrive at her location to a completely new dog, remember now, this is the same dog that has bitten me, left scars on my hand and legs, and could not be seen in public due to aggression, here he is sitting calmly by her side waiting for us to step out of our car. She demonstrates all of the techniques she has taught him (sit, down, leave it, heel) over the past few weeks with us and I am blown away, our dog is no longer pulling on the leash, lunging, biting, or terrorizing our house. It’s been almost 2 months since training and I will be very honest, I love this dog, he has turned from our worst nightmare to our best friend, as I am writing this he is calmly laying at my side sleeping


Jenny Arellano


Dog training in Oahu, Hawaii
Dog obedience training Hawaii by balanced obedience

Balanced Obedience dog training services focuses on socialization and obedience of dogs and can help your dog become a well-mannered and happy member of the family.

Great are the rewards we reap from loving relationships with the animals in our lives.

Unfortunately, many people have a pet that does not trust or respect them and the relationship is strained and unbalanced.

We all know how distressing bad behaviors can be. Imagine the dog that is: not housebroken; prone to separation anxiety; is animal-aggressive; pulls on the leash; barks excessively; or only follows commands when it feels like it.

Animal training has changed much in the last few decades.

Dog training has moved from a strict punishment-based training where the dog is corrected by a yank on the collar for not following a command to a bribe-based training where the dog gets a treat or toy for following a command. Each method can train a dog, but neither is suitable for all dogs and all behaviors.

Balanced Obedience is where the focus of the training is the language of the command itself followed by verbal praise and touching.

More Reviews from Happy Dog Owners

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