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Doggie Boot Camp & Finishing School

Our dog training in Honolulu also referred to as “The Doggie Boot Camp” would be the very best way to get your dog trained in. The camp is two to three weeks of customized training, socialization, and manners for your dog. I will train you and your family upon the dog’s return, and there is 1 year of trainer support for you and your dog.

Your dog will have a very solid foundation of obedience training. Register below for an in-person doggie boot camp in Honolulu, Hawaii. We also have another option using our online course where you train your dog yourself utilizing the course information inside the Online Doggie Boot Camp.

*After dogs have completed in-person camp, they will be eligible to return for boarding training at a reduced rate.

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Our hawaii dog trainers use the Balanced Obedience training approach to train our dogs as it is one of the most effective and humane training methods. Balanced Obedience is where the focus of the training is the language of the command itself, followed by positive reinforcement through verbal praise and touching.

Most of our dog obedience training will take place within our doggie boot camp. The boot is a highly effective training program for dogs, where they learn desired manners and obedience by observing trained and well-behaved dogs. Dogs absolutely love boot camp as it provides them with opportunities to socialize with other friendly dogs and learn to respect and enjoy the company of other animals.

Additionally, boot camp may also include exciting trips to the beach, hikes, and jogging sessions based on your preferences. The boot camp program is conducted by one of our dog trainers and is designed to address unacceptable behaviors such as potty training issues, excessive barking, jumping up, digging, hyperactivity, and separation anxiety. If your dog has already learned basic obedience, but you are not fully satisfied, our Doggie Finishing School is recommended. This program focuses on achieving consistency in obedience without the use of treats or shock collars, and can be tailored to your specific training objectives. 

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 Private Lessons and Training

Our personalized 1 on 1 private lessons provides individual attention and customized training programs tailored to your dog’s unique needs. Our team of experienced dog trainers works closely with you to understand your dog’s behavior challenges and develop effective training techniques using positive reinforcement.

During our private training sessions, we cover a wide range of obedience commands, behavior modification, and socialization skills. We also provide guidance on basic manners, crate training, and other essential aspects of responsible dog ownership in Hawaii. 

Training Videos

In addition to working with one of our in-person dog trainers, we offer an online course that helps dog owners train their dogs without using treats or shock collars. The online course is perfect for those looking to establish a balanced and harmonious relationship between themselves and their dogs. The course covers everything from basic commands and behavior modification to leash training and crate training, all through detailed training videos.

Our Behavioral Camp

  • Boot camp is especially effective because a dog in training learns from trained and well-behaved dogs the desired manners and obedience.
  • Dogs love boot camp as they get to socialize with nice dogs and learn to respect and enjoy other animals. Boot camp can also includes trips to the beach, hikes, and jogging if desired.
  • Unacceptable behaviors that can be addressed through boot camp include: potty training; excessive barking; jumping up; digging; hyperactivity; and separation anxiety.
  • If your dog has learned obedience, but you are not satisfied the Doggie Finishing School is recommended.
  • The focus will be on getting consistency in obedience without ever using treats or a shock collar. All Doggie Boot Camp and Finishing School curriculums can be customized for your training objectives.
  • Aside from unlimited email support for as long as you have your dog, I will also continue to personally train you (on Oahu) to be an effective dog trainer.
  • Dogs that go through the doggie boot camp or finishing school are welcome to visit for boarding-training at a reduced rate.
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