“Balanced Obedience is the way to go.”

“When we adopted a rescue puppy, we knew we’d have our hands full as he matured.  Training was an absolute must for us — an obedient dog is a happy dog and happy owners!  We worked with him for a few weeks prior to the Holidays and started to notice a few areas that needed extra attention.

Knowing we were leaving to the mainland for the Holidays, we decided to not only find a boarding facility, but to find one that would provide a training camp at the same time (two birds with one stone, yay!)  Google brought us Balanced Obedience and I immediately sent an inquiry e-mail.  At first I called with no response, but reading deeper into her website she clearly states e-mail is preferred.

Sabrina’s response was extremely detailed.  Yes, the price was high (sticker shock), but you have to understand what you’re getting.  Sabrina and Danny provide a full on, no joke, the real deal, training camp for dogs of all ages.  They do this out of their own facility on their own property.  We decided Puppy Boot Camp was the right choice for our dog and luckily, Sabrina had space available during the time frame we requested.  She even gave us multiple discounts and accepted half the payment in the beginning, and half the payment at the end.  Very considerate business practice.

Sabrina updates her Facebook page and sends text messages during the training time, because let me tell you you’re going to miss your pooch while he/she’s gone!  I really appreciated the updates.

She picks up and delivers the dog.  Upon delivery post his training, we had a new dog on our hands.  It was extremely overwhelming, I’d be lying if I didn’t include this fact.  He had just completed a very strict training program and as the owner, I had to learn the new techniques (she trains the owner too, otherwise what’s the point of it all?) and I had to learn how to interact with a trained dog, nervous that I might “undo” all the hard work.  I probably put more pressure on myself then I needed to, but again, just saying what I went through.  WOW, what a difference.  Everything he did impressed me.  On walks, he didn’t pull on the leash (and he’s still a pup, they want to explore everything!)  If I stopped walking, he sat.  He was using the bathroom on command.  Not jumping on furniture unless invited.  Kennel trained (by far the one area we needed the most help on!!!)  Not saying he likes his kennel still, but he tolerates it with NO barking.  The list goes on and on for what Sabrina and Danny helped us and our dog with.

Sabrina also delivered a variety of training tools upon his return.  Each and every tool has helped continue our dog’s training to this day.  Sabrina’s services are continual.  She’ll respond to e-mail questions, and will provide “tune up” sessions if necessary.  Now that our pup is getting to his defiant teenage stages, we may send him back for a tune up.  But all the initial training he learned at Balanced Obedience has stuck with him.

I’ve also used Balanced Obedience to board our dog for the weekend when I took a trip.  He loves Sabrina.

Maybe her rigorous training regiment isn’t for everyone, but it sure works.  If you’re serious about training your dog, Balanced Obedience is the way to go.  I get compliments every single day on our little guy.  I am a VERY happy pup Mom!”

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