“I had and continue to have nothing but positive experiences with Sabrina”

I had and continue to have nothing but positive experiences with Sabrina. After meeting with a few local trainers, I felt Sabrina was the best fit for us. She came to our home and evaluated my dog to see if she would be a good candidate for service dog training. Sabrina answered every question honestly, provided wonderful details, and made sure that all my needs were met. She trained my Saint Bernard Sophie to help me for mobility assistance and PTSD, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Sabrina far exceeded my expectations with her work and training. Sophie does amazing in public, and even though many people don’t show the proper etiquette towards service dogs, Sophie isn’t phased one bit.

Whenever I’ve had a question, Sabrina is always there to help. I’ve had so many inquire on getting their dogs trained whether it’s for regular obedience training or service dog training and I always recommend Sabrina Clark. She never comes across as rude or tries to make you feel like your concerns don’t matter. Sabrina is kind, honest, and makes you feel like family.

She is an amazing trainer and you can see she loves her job. Out of other trainers that I have met, Sabrina showed she had an amazing understanding of dogs and built a wonderful relationship with my dog too.

I highly recommend Sabrina, Danny, Balanced Obedience, and Canine Coalition to anyone who is needing training for the canines. I look forward to continue working with Sabrina and will definitely use her services again to train another dog when Sophie can no longer work and needs to retire.

A big MAHALO to Sabrina and Danny for all your hard work and dedication towards Sophie. You all have changed my life forever and I can never express just how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.

Testimonial of Saint Bernard owner

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