Group Dog Training in Hawaii, Oahu

Professional Trainer-Led Group Dog Training

Join our fun and affordable Group Dog Training Classes to train your own dog with expert guidance from Sabrina Clark, who has been training dogs since 1986. Our small class sizes ensure personalized attention, and you’ll receive access to the online Doggie Boot Camp course, coaching, and a private Facebook group for ongoing support. Attendees will also receive a complimentary canine behavior consultation.

Classes are held daily between 1-2 PM in Waimanalo, with flexible scheduling and the option to join via Zoom. Puppies must be fully vaccinated to participate, but young puppies can begin with the online Puppy Makeover and coaching at no additional cost.

Graduates of the small group training classes will receive a 50% discount on the other training programs at Balanced Obedience. Class sizes are limited, so join today.

Train Your Own Dog with Expert Coaching

Sabrina Clark has been training dogs since 1986. Have fun training your own dog at your own pace with no reliance on treat bribes or a shock collar alongside a professional dog trainer.

  • Turn your dog into an obedient, well-mannered, social pup.
  • Receive access to our online doggie BootCamp and private dog training community.
  • Includes a special 50% discount for all of the other training programs at Balanced Obedience.
  • Flexible schedules.
  • Classes are open to those training their dog, fully vaccinated puppy or Service Dog Candidate.
  • Classes are held from 1-2 daily, except for Sundays.


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Transform Your Dog’s Behaviour in 6 Weeks or Less

For a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 coaching

Working in a group is a fun and easy way to train and socialize your dog. Included is a private Facebook community and weekly online coaching.

You will have everything you need to succeed:

  • In-person coaching
  • Online courses
  • Written study guides
  • Online coaching
  • Canine behavioral consultation
  • Online community

Special Spring Pricing of Only $600

Choose the best session for you each week between 1 and 2 PM in Waimanalo. Join over Zoom if you prefer. Small class sizes ensure personalized training.

Includes a behavioral consultation and Premium Online Doggie Boot Camp and Coaching, a combined value of $1100.

Graduates of the small group training classes will receive a 50% discount on the other training programs at Balanced Obedience.

a group of dogs at a dog trainer session

Some ofOur Stellar Dog Training Reviews

“Our family was stressed so we sent him to Puppy Boot Camp with Sabrina and she was a savior. Not only did she train our dog, Mo. She trained us. She gave us the tools we all needed to manage him. He can still be a rascal which is typical of his breed, but he’s great in our 4 generation household. Gentle with the 84 year grandpa and 8 month old grandbaby. Socializes well with other dogs. All thanks to Sabrina and her team. We appreciate that the dogs that board at her Waimanalo space are all trained by her so they all know what the expectations and commands are.”

Owner of a New Puppy

Cory K. - Honlulu, Hawaii

“I first started using Balanced Obedience through their online training program. I purchased the program and began working through it with my dog, Buddy. While working through the program, I noticed that Buddy and I needed some extra support and counseling, so I reached out to Sabrina for guidance. She IMMEDIATELY responded, listened to my concerns, and set up a time for Buddy and I to train in person to solidify our leadership skills together. My dog was very fearful and could be reactive to strangers. After completing the training, and having support from Sabrina, we formulated a strategy to help Buddy overcome his fearfulness. This was “NSTRUMENTAL” to his success…”

Owner of a Fearful and Reactive Dog

Arielle L. - Honolulu, Hawaii

“Sabrina provided me with the necessary tools and techniques to effectively communicate and work together with my dog, Reacher. By fostering a positive and supportive environment, Sabrina helped me overcome the challenges and build my confidence. As a result of our hard work and dedication, Reacher and I were able to pass the test. Our bond and mutual understanding allowed us to effectively navigate through the test’s requirements and demonstrate our skills and abilities. Overall, the training program served as a transformative experience for both of us, ultimately leading to a successful outcome and a strong bond between us.”

Owner of a Service Dog

Jay R. - Honolulu, Hawaii

Ready to Train Your Dog With the Help of aProfessional Dog Trainer?

Come join me in Waimanalo to begin your training journey and transform the relationship you have with your dog. Consultations via Zoom or Facetime are welcomed.

(Class sizes are limited)

Receive Our Dog Training Resources and Support

Receive access to the online Doggie Boot Camp course (800$ value), in-person coaching, online coaching, study guides, and online private dog training community for ongoing support.

Free in-Person Consultation

Receive a free canine behavior consultation where we will create your top training objectives, craft a customized plan, and begin the training and behavior modification.

Transform Your Dog's Behavior in 6 Weeks

Our training sessions cover obedience commands, behavior modification, socialization skills, basic manners, crate training, and responsible dog ownership in Hawaii. The 6 weekly 60-minute sessions offer a fun and easy way to train and socialize your dog, without the use of treats, bribes or shock collars.