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Service Dog Vest
Service Dog Team Identification Cards

Airlines in the US Now Only Allow Trained Service Dogs on Commercial Aircraft


Emotional Support Dogs are no longer to fly on commercial airlines and to fly with a Service Dog, you will be asked to submit paperwork defining the Service Dog training and who assisted you.  Once you complete this program, Balanced Obedience will be able to verify your training when the airlines or housing authorities call to confirm that your dog is trained.

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Pass the Public Access Test


The scope of this course is to help you and your dog become a Service Dog Team and help you Pass the Public Access Test.  This is the standard to measure if you and your dog are well behaved in public.   This course will break down every part of the test into easy steps.  You will provide video feedback of each part of the test.   In order to be reviewed your videos must be submitted in landscape (phone held sideways).  There will be a few additional  tests to pass to ensure that your dog is a suitable Service Dog candidate.  

What our Happy Service Dog Owner’s Say:

Sabrina is absolutely amazing!!!
We sent our dogs to the 2 week basic doggy boot camp, and when they came back it was like night and day!!
She was also so helpful with the training of my dog to become a service dog!
I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for dog training, or even just advice!!
Riki Marie

Honolulu, Hawaii

“Enrolling our dog, Plum in Sabrina’s training program is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. She turned our shy, spoiled girl into a full fledged service dog! She has not only changed Plum, but my life and my family’s lives significantly for the better.” 

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Seattle, Washington

The Online Service Dog Training will help you and your service dog with:

Emotional Service Dog

Laws & Rights

Overview of Public Access Test

Controlled Unload out of Vehicle

Approaching a Building

Controlled Entry & Exit

Heeling through the Building

On-Leash Recall

Sits on Command

Downs on Command

Noise Distraction


Handed to a Friendly Stranger

Controlled Load into Vehicle

Team Relationship

+ Bonus Materials:

Airport Rules

Prepare to Fly

Next Steps if Failed PAT

Assist and Alert

Deep Pressure

Potty on Command

Plus Much More!

17 Total Lessons + Service Dog Vest,  Service Dog Team Identification Cards, Leashes and a Collar.

“he came back better in every way.”

“I have a wonderful German Shepherd dog who was about 11/2 years old when I decided to have a total knee replacement. It had been my passion to do obedience training with him from the time he was 14 weeks old. I took him through successive classes until my knee became...

“he is very well behaved”

"Sabrina, I wanted to thank you for your help with our puppy Diesel. He is now a 120 lb. American Bulldog and he is very well behaved and people constantly ask how we got him to be so good. Hopefully our good words about you and the proof they have seen have brought...

“She is truly amazing at what she does”

“We sent our chocolate lab puppy, Charlie to Sabrina and her team for a three week boot camp a little over two months ago. We have been extremely happy since he first came home. She did a great job in every aspect in training our pup and our whole family. She gave us...

“I can’t recommend Sabrina and Danny enough”

“I just got my Australian Cattle Dog Murphy back from the Doggie Boot Camp program yesterday after he was gone for three weeks. Let me just tell you – the dog I sent with Sabrina was a nervous, highly reactive nightmare that had zero manners and walked all over me....

“Balanced Obedience is the way to go.”

“When we adopted a rescue puppy, we knew we’d have our hands full as he matured.  Training was an absolute must for us — an obedient dog is a happy dog and happy owners!  We worked with him for a few weeks prior to the Holidays and started to notice a few areas that...

“He listens to my commands”

"Thank you so much to Sabrina and everyone else at Balanced Obedience Dog Training of Hawaii for taking such great care of my dog Koa. At 5 months old he went through the two week puppy bootcamp and I am so impressed at how much he learned in that short amount of...

Get your Service Dog trained and ready to serve YOU with balanced obedience.


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Hi, I am Sabrina Clark, owner of Balanced Obedience and I have been a dog trainer since 1986. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology with a focus on Psychology and Animal Behavior. I believe that every owner should have a loving, harmonious relationship with their pets without having to resort to food bribes or a shock collar. 

More Reviews from our Happy Dog Owners:

We recieve so many inquiries from people in the continental USA to help them train their dogs, but our facility is only accessible to those in Hawaii. What’s more, our goal is to make dog training accessible to everyone who needs it, and not just those who can afford in-person training.

So, for the first time ever, we are sharing our training secrets online, at a fraction of the cost. With methods you can trust, and guaranteed results, we have come to a solution that benefits everyone. The results we have seen are tremendous, and we wanted to share this online dog training course with as many people as possible, not just our wonderful clients in Hawaii.

We believe that everyone deserves a great service dog, and can’t wait to help you achieve training success.


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

These courses have a 99% success rate, so we offer you a no-risk guarantee just for giving it a try. If you feel like these lessons aren’t working out for you, no worries! Simply request a full refund within 30 days – no questions asked.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

These courses have a 99% success rate, so we offer you a no-risk guarantee just for giving it a try. If you feel like these lessons aren’t working out for you, no worries! Simply request a full refund within 30 days – no questions asked.