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2440 Campus Rd, Ste 308, Honolulu, HI 96822 Text to: 1-808-358-9190 Email

I had and continue to have nothing but positive experiences with Sabrina. After meeting with a few local trainers, I felt Sabrina was the best fit for us. She came to our home and evaluated my dog to see if she would be a good candidate for service dog training. Sabrina answered every question honestly, provided wonderful details, and made sure that all my needs were met. She trained my Saint Bernard Sophie to help me for mobility assistance and PTSD, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Sabrina far exceeded my expectations with her work and training. Sophie does amazing in public, and even though many people don’t show the proper etiquette towards service dogs, Sophie isn’t phased one bit.

Whenever I’ve had a question, Sabrina is always there to help. I’ve had so many inquire on getting their dogs trained whether it’s for regular obedience training or service dog training and I always recommend Sabrina Clark. She never comes across as rude or tries to make you feel like your concerns don’t matter. Sabrina is kind, honest, and makes you feel like family.

She is an amazing trainer and you can see she loves her job. Out of other trainers that I have met, Sabrina showed she had an amazing understanding of dogs and built a wonderful relationship with my dog too.

I highly recommend Sabrina, Danny, Balanced Obedience, and Canine Coalition to anyone who is needing training for the canines. I look forward to continue working with Sabrina and will definitely use her services again to train another dog when Sophie can no longer work and needs to retire.
A big MAHALO to Sabrina and Danny for all your hard work and dedication towards Sophie. You all have changed my life forever and I can never express just how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.

Sabrina, I would like to thank you again for our Service Training experience. Not only did you transform Moo into a super Service Dog you also trained me to become a very competent Service Handler.

Here is a bit of information about me and how Sabrina came into our life.

I have extreme allergies which can result in Anaphylactic Seizures. Only15 percent of all dogs are able to detect seizures or severe allergic reactions, Moo performs this task naturally and it took me a long time to recognize his special gift. Dogs can be trained to smell allergens such as peanuts but to detect reactions is difficult. After recognizing that Moo could alert me prior to a full allergic reaction I am able to lessen the effects of the reaction with the proper medication. I knew I had to find a certified trainer who could train an older pet to become a Service Dog. Moo has always been a very unique animal, as our Veterinarian explained he is one in a million! We are talking about a pet who is totally pampered, spoiled and a breed that is very difficult to train. Moo is a French Bull Dog.

A very good friend recommended Sabrina. How lucky we are to have found her. Because of Moo’s age and temperament the very strict traditional training was not working, Sabrina recognized this immediately and modified the Service Training to accommodate Moo’s personality and intelligence with her guidance and hours of hard work we were able to reach our goal to have Moo trained so that he could go anywhere and not be questioned about truly being a Service Animal. There are a lot of people using fake certifications for their animals today.

I travel a great deal and everyone from the TSA Agents to the K-9 Team Director at one of the airports we went through recently has commented on how well he is trained. Moo’s change from pet to a working service animal is nothing short of amazing. He has been everywhere from restaurants, hotels, planes, trains, busses and even a musical production. His certification has never been questioned his obedience is impeccable.

A few months ago I had a severe allergic reaction, Moo alerted me before I knew that I was going into anaphylaxis I quickly gave myself an injection and averted a terrible reaction, I was still ill for a week but avoided a full seizure. My doctor told me how lucky I was to have Moo.

There is no one better qualified or more commited to you and your animal than Sabrina, she is truly one of the most lovely and wonderful individuals we have ever met. I can contact her at any time for help and advise. We love her! ”

“Bullet has been trained by you and has been my service dog assisting me for 3 years now. He is still as disciplined and useful in assisting me as he was the day you trained him. I appreciate the wonderful job you did with us. He and I learned so much from you. Thank you.”

“We highly recommend Balanced Obedience Dog Training of Hawaii, especially if you have very stubborn dogs. They have saved our sanity with Pono Puggles, our Service Dog in Training. Call them today!”

“Sabrina is awesome! She has made my dog into a reliable and obediant service dog. He is only ten months old and he is doing wonderful! I still have a few months of the “teenage” time with him but because of Sabrina he listens to all of his commands and will will be able to pass the service dog test in a few months! Thanks Sabrina for always being there on the phone and in person! We have also had friends that have sent their dogs their on our recommendation and they have been nothing less than over the top pleased!!!!”


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