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“Thank you Sabrina for the great training you did with Kona Girl. At 4-1/2 months, Kona was a pretty rambunctious Labrador puppy. Even with the sweetest disposition, I was having a hard time getting her to heel, stay and come on command. After her three week Puppy Boot Camp, Kona came back so well mannered she is perfect on a heel, stay and come. Putting her in her kelley at night was not her favorite thing. But now I just have to say kennel and she bolts into hers and starts playing with her toys. Sabrina also trained me to be a better owner and Alpha. If you want your dog to get all of the basics, I highly recommend using Balanced Obedience’s services.”

Owner of a Labrador Retreiver Puppy
via Facebook on 9/27/2017

“Sabrina and Danny have changed our lives! We were looking for the perfect service dog for our daughter and, although the first was not a good personality match, Sabrina and Danny persevered until we found our forever furry son, Maximus! He came to us trained and Sabrina and Danny prepared him well for a long flight from Honolulu to Seattle. Although we are far away now, we will always be grateful for their patience and effort to train Max. We highly recommend Balanced Obedience for Service dog training or even just obedience for your furry child!”

Owner of a Golden Retriever Service Dog
via Facebook on 5/30/2017

“Sabrina Clark is a wonderful trainer. Her influence on me and my dog changed our lives forever! I will always be grateful for her influence on me and my dachshund, Pepper.”

Owner of a Dachshund Service Dog
via Facebook 5/11/2017

“Sabrina is the dog whisperer. She adores our goofy chocolate lab, Mario. Using her training skills, Mario is a gentle, polite puppy. No worries while your dog is cared for at Balanced Obedience. You will be impressed and happy with the transformation. Magical. ✨”
Owner of a Chocolate Labrador Retreiver
via Facebook 4/26/2017

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