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2440 Campus Rd, Ste 308, Honolulu, HI 96822 Text to: 1-808-358-9190 Email

“Sabrina is a true dog whisperer! I was almost ready to give our Lulu back to her breeder, who admitted that she may have suggested a wrong breed (Border Collie/Poodle – Bordoodle) for us since we are first time dog owner and may not have the experience to be a strong leader for a breed that is considered very smart and highly energetic! Wow! Not only did Sabrina did an awesome job training Lulu to be the best dog ever, but she trained us humans in how to be strong leaders!”

Owner of a Bordoodle
1/6/2016 via Facebook

“Sabrina is the best trainer we’ve ever encountered and we tried a few before her. Our dog, Ellie, a German Shepard/border collie, did not get along with other dogs and also had severe separation anxiety. Those two problems are now gone. After Sabrina’s boot camp she was noticeably better. We also have Sabrina board her when we go on trips. She is the only boarding facility I could find that also trains your dog and gives them the highest quality food and even gives you equipment if you need it (leash, collar etc). She is such a sweet person and really knowledgable. You will not regret going to her for your training needs. She is a true professional and expert in her field. Thank you Sabrina!!”

Owner of a Shepherd/Collie mix
1/16/2016 via Yelp

“Best investment in your pup! Sabrina and her team made our dog much more calm and obedient. I highly recommend Balanced Obedience!!”

Owner of a Boston Terrier
2/12/2016 via Facebook

“Sabrina helped greatly with our rescue Tommy. When we board he’s so excited to see her. It’s a lifetime bond and I’m so glad they have that relationship.”

Owner of a hound mix rescue dog
2/13/2016 via Facebook

“Sabrina did a fantastic job with our German Shepherd. We highly recommend her for both training and boarding!!÷!”

Owner of a German Shepherd
2/14/2016 via Facebook

“Enrolling our dog, Plum in Sabrina’s training program is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. She turned our shy, spoiled girl into a full fledged service dog! She has not only changed Plum, but my life and my family’s lives significantly for the better.”
Owner of a rescue dog Service Dog canididate
via Facebook 2/14/2016

“I am long overdue in writing this review, but better late than never! We are so lucky we found Sabrina ! When we moved here from the mainland and away from the one doggie sitter Koa knew and loved, we were nervous about taking our first vacation, as Koa is very particular about the humans she trusts. With Sabrina we found someone who was not at all deterred by our rescue dog’s “quirks” (excitability, leash reactivity, separation anxiety, etc) – after the initial boot camp, Koa was so much calmer and actually a pleasure to walk, compared to before when she would freak out at any passing dog. Sabrina DEFINITELY has Koa’s stamp of approval – there are only a handful of people that she gets ultra excited to see and Sabrina is one of them. She has been a blessing to us and allowed us to have peace of mind when we travel, and I’m pretty sure that Koa looks forward to our vacations now so that she can go hang out with the other dogs and Sabrina. Thanks, Sabrina!”

Owner of a rescue dog
via Facebook 2/19/ 2016

“Sabrina and Dan changed our energetic chocolate lab into a calm, well-behaved puppy. Mario is 6 mos old, and we get compliments on his behavior on walks. No pulling on the leash, no jumping, no barking, just calmly and happily walking by our side. He has the same behavior at home including no chewing on furniture, etc. Sabrina patiently worked with us to answer all our concerns, even after the training. She is definitely an expert. And Mario loves her! Thanks Sabrina and Dan!”

Owner of a Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppy
via Yelp 3/6/2016

“Sabrina Clark at Balanced Obedience helped us greatly with our male German Shepherd puppy. He is an adorable dog with some naughty behaviors. We contacted another local dog trainer, but he wasn’t much help at all. In fact, I think he was baffled by German Shepherds in general. His review is in my profile. Then I contacted Sabrina, and from the first time we met, I could tell she was the trainer we should have. She understands dogs very well. She’s not going to bribe them with food and she’s not going to use shock collars either. She uses leadership and canine psychology to teach dogs good manners.

Sabrina took our reactive puppy who would lunge and bark at us to a sweet obedient puppy that’s a pleasure to be around. She did this in three weeks. She also crate trained him and socialized him to a variety of other dogs. Previously, he was not the best dog around other dogs. He also had separation anxiety. Now he can handle us being away. He knows how to walk on a leash. He doesn’t jump on people or furniture. He is content to settle by your feet when you’re on the couch. He does the down command and stay very well. He does it far better than some adult dogs I’ve met at dog parks! While there was sticker shock sending him to Sabrina’s puppy boot camp, the money I spent on Balanced Obedience is well worth it. My puppy was noticeably improved when he came back. It was night and day from what he was like before. Prior to Sabrina, I even contemplated sending the puppy back to the breeder and now I can’t imagine life without him. He’s far more obedient now, but he didn’t lose the traits we loved about him. He’s still the same adorable dog but well-mannered now instead of the macho puppy he was.

While we still have some minor issues to resolve between the puppy and our older smaller dog, we have the tools to address that issue and we also have lifetime trainer support from Sabrina. She was responsive to my texts and emails. She kept us updated on our puppy’s progress via text and Facebook. When the puppy came back home, she trained us and our relatives who would interact with him. She also gave us a collar, long leash and treats. I consider Sabrina a great trainer who knows what she’s doing. If you’re communicating with her, I recommend you use text or emails.”

Owner of a German Shepherd Puppy
via Yelp 4/29/2016

“Sabrina has trained my pitbull when he was just 6 months old. He just turned 14 months old and he turned out to be a very obedient and friendly dog. I am convinced that this is due to a great induction in obedience under Sabrina’s care. I now have my second dog, a 12-month old rescue chihuahua. Sabrina was very understanding of issues faced by many rescues. She also gave me a discount for him, and I am really looking forward to him coming back home from his puppy boot camp in one week. Sabrina is highly skilled, and I highly recommend her services.

Owner of an APBT and Chihuahua rescue dog
via Facebook 8/30/2016

“Bentley is spending this week at puppy camp and we feel happy that he will be safe, secure, and completely happy”
Owner of a Labrador Retriever
via Facebook 7/12/2016

“I’m sorry it took me so long to Thank Sabrina for a job well done!

My dog Hoku left kuu kuu came back Akamai!! lol

You got problems with your animal so see Balanced Obedience Sabrina!!”

Owner of a Chocolate Labrador Retriever
via Facebook 5/16/2016

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