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Here Koa is socializing and training with his Standard Poodle friend with Balanced Obedience dog and puppy training of Oahu, Hawaii.

Thank you so much to Sabrina and everyone else at Balanced Obedience Dog Training of Hawaii for taking such great care of my dog Koa. At 5 months old he went through the two week puppy bootcamp and I am so impressed at how much he learned in that short amount of time! He wasn’t a “bad” dog before he left for training, but he would jump up on everyone, me especially, and wouldn’t walk on a leash when he was outside. He would also bark incessantly when I would leave due to separation anxiety. After the two weeks, Sabrina met me at a park to train me on how to handle Koa. Everything she taught me and Koa has been so beneficial and I am now Koa’s leader. He listens to my commands without a treat reward, does not bark when I leave him alone. I have gotten many comments from others on how well behaved he is and how well he walks on a leash! Sabrina has also been very patient and helpful in responding to all of my questions about Koa since his training. He has been such a model puppy and I couldn’t be any happier! Thank you so much again!

Kane the German Shepherd calmly training with two Australian Cattle Dogs who are packmembers of Balanced Obedience dog and puppy training of Hawaii.

“My husband and I adopted a 16 month old male German Shepherd and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Our GSD, Kane (his previous owners called him Bane so we had to change that), came to us from a questionable background of malnourishment, maltreatment, and poor socialization.

About a week after adopting him we took him to the vet for a wellness check and he bit the vet tech in the face, causing her to go into shock. Needless to say, we were also in shock. We started looking around for dog trainers who can deal with such extreme aggression/situations and found Sabrina.

Sabrina was very prompt in returning our emailed request for training. She came over and did an evaluation on Kane (and us!). After assessing Kane she recommended neutering him before sending him to Balanced Obedience. The next week we had him neutered and she picked him up from our house just three weeks later.
Throughout Kane’s three weeks at doggy boot camp my husband and I missed Kane like crazy-but Sabrina kept us updated through text about Kane’s behaviors. We were seriously worried that he might be aggressive with Sabrina. Sabrina sent us a training manual at the end of boot camp and she brought Kane back home.

The first time we saw Kane we were in shock–it was like she and Danny (her husband who also trains the dogs) had replaced our dog! She gave us training on how to handle Kane and further his doggy education. She had us walk around the block together to demonstrate how well he now was on the leash. It was amazing! We can’t say enough about how much of a transformation it was. He listens to us and he focuses while walking (only a brief glance at anyone or dog that we pass while walking). She also left us training supplies that has been very helpful- a hati collar, a dominant dog collar, a prong collar, an aerosol pet corrector, a basket muzzle, and a new leash.
He has been home now for five weeks and we have taken him hiking, trail running, and to the beach, with no concerns (though we do keep him muzzled for interactions).

Sabrina has come to our house to re-evaluate Kane with his dog to dog interactions. She even brought over three different dogs with varying levels of dominance. He did extremely well and that goes to show that she really trained us on how important it is to follow her guidelines–otherwise the training will be undone. If you have the chance you should work with Sabrina! It has been an amazing experience and worth every penny.”

Handsome Brody in puppy boot camp with Balanced Obedience dog and puppy trianing of Hawaii.

“When we adopted a rescue puppy, we knew we’d have our hands full as he matured.  Training was an absolute must for us — an obedient dog is a happy dog and happy owners!  We worked with him for a few weeks prior to the Holidays and started to notice a few areas that needed extra attention.

Knowing we were leaving to the mainland for the Holidays, we decided to not only find a boarding facility, but to find one that would provide a training camp at the same time (two birds with one stone, yay!)  Google brought us Balanced Obedience and I immediately sent an inquiry e-mail.  At first I called with no response, but reading deeper into her website she clearly states e-mail is preferred.

Sabrina’s response was extremely detailed.  Yes, the price was high (sticker shock), but you have to understand what you’re getting.  Sabrina and Danny provide a full on, no joke, the real deal, training camp for dogs of all ages.  They do this out of their own facility on their own property.  We decided Puppy Boot Camp was the right choice for our dog and luckily, Sabrina had space available during the time frame we requested.  She even gave us multiple discounts and accepted half the payment in the beginning, and half the payment at the end.  Very considerate business practice.

Sabrina updates her Facebook page and sends text messages during the training time, because let me tell you you’re going to miss your pooch while he/she’s gone!  I really appreciated the updates.

She picks up and delivers the dog.  Upon delivery post his training, we had a new dog on our hands.  It was extremely overwhelming, I’d be lying if I didn’t include this fact.  He had just completed a very strict training program and as the owner, I had to learn the new techniques (she trains the owner too, otherwise what’s the point of it all?) and I had to learn how to interact with a trained dog, nervous that I might “undo” all the hard work.  I probably put more pressure on myself then I needed to, but again, just saying what I went through.  WOW, what a difference.  Everything he did impressed me.  On walks, he didn’t pull on the leash (and he’s still a pup, they want to explore everything!)  If I stopped walking, he sat.  He was using the bathroom on command.  Not jumping on furniture unless invited.  Kennel trained (by far the one area we needed the most help on!!!)  Not saying he likes his kennel still, but he tolerates it with NO barking.  The list goes on and on for what Sabrina and Danny helped us and our dog with.

Sabrina also delivered a variety of training tools upon his return.  Each and every tool has helped continue our dog’s training to this day.  Sabrina’s services are continual.  She’ll respond to e-mail questions, and will provide “tune up” sessions if necessary.  Now that our pup is getting to his defiant teenage stages, we may send him back for a tune up.  But all the initial training he learned at Balanced Obedience has stuck with him.

I’ve also used Balanced Obedience to board our dog for the weekend when I took a trip.  He loves Sabrina.

Maybe her rigorous training regiment isn’t for everyone, but it sure works.  If you’re serious about training your dog, Balanced Obedience is the way to go.  I get compliments every single day on our little guy.  I am a VERY happy pup Mom!

Here Murphy is smiling for the camera with Balanced Obedience dog training Oahu, Hawaii.

“I just got my Australian Cattle Dog Murphy back from the Doggie Boot Camp program yesterday after he was gone for three weeks. Let me just tell you – the dog I sent with Sabrina was a nervous, highly reactive nightmare that had zero manners and walked all over me. Don’t get me wrong; he’s a total sweetheart and an awesome companion but it got to the point where I didn’t even want to walk my dog anymore. 🙁 That’s not what’s supposed to happen!! Well, after months of trying it my own way (I tried click to calm training, behavior adjustment training, and counter conditioning) I finally emailed Balanced Obedience. After a quick email exchange, Sabrina was at my home evaluating Murphy, Sabrina immediately knew where I went wrong and what he needed to get back on track. During the training, she sent me lots of texts and reassurance that my dog was on his way to being a model citizen. When he got back, he was so much calmer and well behaved. She taught me everything I needed to know in a quick and simple way so that I couldn’t mess it up. It was so wonderful to be able to walk my dog and feel like I was in control and could expect him to behave appropriately. After so much time avoiding everyone and everything on walks, it was the most amazing thing to feel liberated like that! I just got back from Day 1 of Murphy’s post-boot camp walk and it was such a pleasant and empowering situation. I can’t recommend Sabrina and Danny enough. Thank you so much for teaching me how to be pack leader! 😀 “

Here Handsome Charlie the Labrador Retriever is enjoying his time with Balanced Obedience.

“We sent our chocolate lab puppy, Charlie to Sabrina and her team for a three week boot camp a little over two months ago. We have been extremely happy since he first came home. She did a great job in every aspect in training our pup and our whole family. She gave us tip and suggestions on everything… food, toys, leashes and of course every aspect of training. You can tell she truly loves what she does and is amazingly good at it!

We are currently getting ready to vacation off island and are going to send our puppy back to Balanced Obedience for boarding. We have had to change our dates on her multiple times with short notice do to weather issues and Sabrina has been able to accommodate our needs. It is so comforting to know our little guy will be in great hands while we are gone.

We truly cannot say enough great things about our experience with Sabrina and Balanced Obedience as a whole.”

“I am finally writing this review after roughly 2 years since sending my doberman (Bentley) to Sabrina @ Balanced Obedience. Long story short, I was on the brink of giving away my Dobie many times & Sabrina was his last hope.  He had every problem: separation anxiety, leash pulling, destructiveness, defiance, aggressive,  you name it… He’s a big dog and I am a small girl so even if I smack him on the butt he thinks I’m playing, when I’m not. Anyway, I started with the behavior modification which didn’t work on him very much. I called her back and gave the bootcamp a try. After a few weeks,  it was like I had a brand new dog. He sure wasn’t perfect, and it’s been a long road, but I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Sabrina I wouldn’t have this amazing lovable dog!! He’s so great and I know he learned a lot from Sabrina, he came back more moral and calm, not this crazy psycho dog that needs to destroy everything in sight. Even Sabrina thought he was a tough one because he’s a smart Dobie that needs a lot of exercise and stimulation. I learned so much with her and would recommend her to anyone that has a troubled pup/dog. She is truly amazing at what she does and is very accommodating with schedules & whenever you need a little extra advice/assistance. Thank you Sabrina!!!”

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