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“The best decision made, was in calling Sabrina for help when my husband and I decided to bring over his Big Island Rotti girl, Keiko, to come live with us and our already pack of 3. They’re big dogs & not the most trusting… we didn’t know how we would integrate Keiko with them, or if it was even possible. We called Sabrina & she suggested doggie boot camp where they could meet for the first time on neutral territory and work on socialization & obedience.

We took her advice & WOW, we’re so happy with the results! We’re stoked to have them all home & getting along! We know Sabrina worked her butt off with our pack and we are so GRATEFUL! They listen to us and are much easier to handle. The training method has been very effective & after doing the obedience exercises Sabrina showed us, the pack is calm and controlled.

Totally awesome! We’ve truly enjoyed working with Sabrina! She’s sincere in what she does & truly cares about the animals. MAHALO NUI LOA Sabrina for going above & beyond, we can’t express our gratitude enough!!
Much Aloha! Roxie & Brad 🙂 “

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