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“Sabrina & Danny are the BEST! I don’t have kids & my dog Kokomo is my baby. When we decided to sell our house w/a fenced yard & move into a condo, we knew it was going to be a big change for kokomo. I sent her to Sabrina & Danny for doggie boot camp. They taught her about condo living & city traffic; riding in elevators & all the noise from so many cars & people. We were moving from Kaneohe to Waikiki, Kuhio ave , right in the middle of the mess. Kokomo was not very well trained. Spoiled to say the least. Balanced obedience was the best move I made. Kokomo was well adjusted & took to city living. Two & one half years have passed & we decided to sell our condo & downsize, Kokomo went to stay with Sabrina while we went thru the process of open house, selling & getting a new condo & moving. Needless to say its been 4 months & I will be getting her back any day now. But I know she has been taken care of & loved. Thank you to Sabrina & Danny for taking care of my baby”

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