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I called Sabrina when my dog Jaco, a shar pei pitbull mix, became terrified of his crate. I was moving to the mainland, and wanted to make sure that he would feel comfortable in his crate before our 5 hour flight.

He was so terrified that if he even heard the crate door open, he would run and cower and refuse to eat for the rest of the day.

When Sabrina met Jaco, he immediately responded to her, and completely surprised me by obeying her hand signals and walking into the crate with assistance.

With her help, within in a week, Jaco, was comfortable in his new crate, fully housebroken, and an even better companion than before! Thank you so much Sabrina! You have such a wonderful connection with animals, and I’m so glad that Jaco and I were able to meet with you.

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