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“I cannot tell you how much I owe Sabrina and Danny for what they have done for Ruby. I cannot recommend them highly enough and they truly work miracles and here is why.

My dog was a spoilt princess. She barked, she pulled on the lead, she ran after cars and bikes, would get anxious when I left her and basically had such human characteristic that she didn’t socialize well with animals any more. She was a 18lb A.D.D. fur ball on four legs.

Ruby or “Some Other Bad Names” as I used to call her is a 3 year old Norfolk Terrier. I guess I bought it this on myself but I loved her personality and all of her quirks. I didn’t really mind it or I thought I didn’t. She travelled around the world with me from Australia, Hawaii, Denver and Texas. We lived out of hotel rooms or temporary accommodations and I let her do almost whatever she wanted. I didn’t have the time to try and fix the problems and I felt bad about our situation so I just let things slide.

When I moved permanently to Hawaii in January I moved into a small condo and everything seemed fine. Until I got a call one day when on the mainland after leaving my dog with pet sitter. Apparently Ruby had been barking nonstop for the whole week and was howling each time the pet sitter left. My neighbors had enough. I travelled home to find two written warnings, numerous notes on my door, threats of eviction, verbal abuse from my neighbors and worst of all complaints to Animal Humane society. I had to find a solution.

After doing some research I worked out there was two options either retrain my dog or have its vocal cords taken out. I honestly didn’t know she barked each time I left her alone. I was so worried that Ruby would lose her personality I loved so much in retraining but the thought of getting surgery just terrified me.

To be honest I was very very skeptical. I had tried things before and watched Caesar Milan. I didn’t think anything would change her and this whole pack leader dog whisper thing was a scam. With a quick call to Balanced Obedience in walked Sabrina through my door. She was great from the beginning. You can see it in how she relates to animals. Ruby attended a three week boot camp with Sabrina and Danny where they went through the process of retraining her. At the same time I learnt that I needed to be retrained. That was a lesson I didn’t know was coming. When Sabrina dropped her off I was absolutely shocked. Ruby would now lay down and sit restful, walk on the leash properly and was very obedient. My neighbors were absolutely shocked and so were my friends and family. I don’t hesitate to take Ruby anywhere with me and truly wish I had of done this years ago. Ruby’s personality that I was so worried about is still there and I’m glad for it. She is a much happier dog and it’s a pleasure to be her owner now.

So there is still stuff that Sabrina and I will continue to work on. The adventure is not over but I know now that Ruby has a loving second family that I feel comfortable with when I have to go out of town once a month. Hopefully one day Ruby will even walk off the lead down Kuhio on a Saturday. I owe Danny a case of beer if that ever happens. Thank you so much Sabrina and Danny. You have changed Ruby’s and my life for the better. I cannot thank you enough. You truly are miracle workers. You proved me wrong. We are not skeptics anymore.


Kyle and Ruby”

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