Balance your Puppy’s Behavior.

Transform your Puppy’s Obedience in 30 Days.

Puppy Makeover™ Course

Discover how to train your puppy without using treats or shock collars using our proven online course.

Over 10,000 Dogs Trained using our Balanced Obedience System

Are you having difficulty potty training your puppy?


Learn how to resolve pee and accidents inside the house with proper poppy training during your Puppy’s First Days in our online course.

Does your puppy act aggressive and jumps on guests and family members?


As your Puppy progresses and learns to listen to commands, you can begin the jumping training to ensure your dog behaves when guests or new people are around and won’t jump or bite every time someone enters your home.

Does your puppy get separation anxiety when you are away? Either causing fits or constantly barking?


Learn how you can take control and help your dog resolve this behavior, so you, your family and not to mention your neighbors will all feel better about leaving the house.

What our Happy Dog Owner’s Say:

I had so much trouble picking a trainer for my puppy, I didn’t like the idea of in-person training, especially with COVID. When I read about the course, I had to try it. The sections are bite-sized and super easy to navigate. It was also a huge bonus to be able to look back at it when I needed to. I had a lot of fun training Betty! I had fantastic results.

Owner of a Bulldog Puppy

Honolulu, Hawaii

I got a puppy and quickly realized he needed a lot more training than I thought. I tried a couple of trainers in my city but wasn’t a huge fan of the results. I decided I’d rather do it myself and this course helped me achieve that! I’m so happy with my pup’s results.

Owner of Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Seattle, Washington

What you THOUGHT having a puppy was going to be like…


What it ACTUALLY feels like owning a puppy.

Don’t wait until the bad habits get worse, resolve your puppy’s behavior with balanced obedience.


Take a look at our happy dogs!


Dog Friendly Beaches in Hawaii

The 30-Day Puppy Makeover will help you with…

Potty Training & Accidents

Bonding with Your Puppy

Healthy Eating Habits


Leash Training


Introducing New People

Eating Poop


Separation Anxiety



Biting & Nipping

Commands – Sit and Down


Plus Much More!

33 Total Lessons

Over 36 Years of Training Dogs and Animals and Tens of Thousands of Happy Dog Owners!


Hi, I am Sabrina Clark, owner of Balanced Obedience and I have been a dog trainer since 1986. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology with a focus on Psychology and Animal Behavior. I believe that every owner should have a loving, harmonious relationship with their pets without having to resort to food bribes or a shock collar. 

More Reviews from our Happy Dog Owners:

Take advantage of our 30 Day Puppy Makeover Online Course that you can always use and go back to even when your Puppy gets older. These trainings and videos will last your dog’s entire lifetime. If your puppy ever gets out of hand you will have these lessons as a constant resource to correct bad behavior.

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