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Olde English Bulldoggs are charming and like no other breed.

Marley and his owner learned quickly how to have a more balanced relationship.

Marley, my two year old, 56-pound English bulldog, tends to pull, dragging me along with him. I tried several collars, but nothing worked. It seemed like he was taking me for a walk instead. So, I called Sabrina to finally get some help, and she made me realize that it wasn’t just about the right type of collar but also my way of interacting with Marley. In order for me to get a well-behaved dog, I needed to become a better leader. She showed me how to properly use the collar, and helped me think in terms of what a wolf-pack leader would do, and apply those same concepts when training Marley. I always knew bulldogs were stubborn; so I was surprised at how quickly Marley responded to the training. I can honestly say that I got immediate results.  I am now a better leader, and Marley can see that. He no longer pulls, and I’m able to take him anywhere. I recently took him to the Pet Expo, and despite all the other dogs to distract him, he did not pull at all. It’s amazing how well he behaved. I’m so happy I contacted Sabrina, and I’m looking forward to working with her again for off the leash training. “

This handsome American Bulldog, Diesel, learned his manners and basic obedience with private in-home training.

Please visit the testimonial from his owner.

Here two Old English Bulldoggs are in obedience training with an American Bulldog. Olde English Bulldogges are a recent recreation of the extinct Old English Bulldog.Old English Bulldogs were bred to fight dogs and other animals, but the Olde English Bulldogge does not have these characteristics.

Olde English Bulldoggs have a stubborn streak that is like no other.

The Norwegian Elkhound Jazmine, part of the pack at Balanced Obedience, is a great role model for obedience because she is happy to obey and has a kind and calm personality. Here Jazmine is working with a Neopolitan Mastiff puppy.Neopolitan Mastiffs were bred for fighting dogs and other animals and joined Roman warriors in war.

Here Jazmine the Norwegian Elkhound is doing obedience training with an American Bulldog.
American Bulldogs are presumed to be the closest relative of the Old English Bulldog.
This American Bulldog puppy is great fun to have on the farm.  American Bulldogs love to play and play.  They are high energy, unlike the English Bulldogs.

Here are two French Bulldog puppies at Puppy Boot Camp posing with another French Bulldog.
Please visit the testimonial from the happy owner of these puppies.

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