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“Brianne and I are very pleased, more so amazed at the progress Bailey(chihuahua) and Dawson(chi-terrier) have made after 3 sessions. Training and working through the obedience has shown us different behaviors exhibited by our little girls. Originally, we had suspected Bailey to be more resistant to obedience, but have now discovered that she benefits from the training by becoming calm, balanced, and overall a happier dog able to experience walks, the parks, and other dogs. What we have learned from Dawson is that she is selectively stubborn and will need more reinforcement than we had initially assumed…don’t let the cute puppy fool you. Cute behavior leads to a misbehaving adult. We will continue to work on obedience regularly with the skills you have taught both the dogs and us. I am extremely satisfied with what you have accomplished with us and will surely recommend you to other dog owners. Thanks…Kat and Bri”

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